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So far there are 34 pilots in my project, ranging from the Second World War to Korea, to Vietnam and Angola.

From WWII there are American, Australian, British, Czech, New Zealand, South African, and Soviet pilots on the allied side, and German and Romanian on the Axis side. Each pilot will have a page here on this website and a video of him on my YouTube channel in due course.


(I wanted to call them Yanks, but then I thought better of it because most of my American pilots are Southerners).

The American pilots are Lt Dick Nielsen (B17 pilot), Colonel Jim Ashford (P47s), Colonel Art Jeffrey (P45s), Colonel Bud Anderson (P45s), Lieutenant Commander Willis Hardy (USN Corsairs and Hellcats), Colonel Dean Caswell (USMC Corsairs), Commander Billy Watts (USN Hellcats), Dr Kelly Gross (P45s), and Colonel Charles McGee (P45s).


The Australian pilots are Flight Lieutenant Tom Dean (Venturas) and Flight Lieutenant George Gilbert (Spitfires and P45 Mustangs).


The British pilots are Wing Commander Lance Burra-Robinson (Spitfires and P45 Mustangs), Flight Lieutenant Walter Morison (Wellingtons), Lieutenant Commander Peter Twiss (RAF and Fleet Air Arm Spitfires and Mosquitoes), Captain Eric Brown (Fleet Air Arm, who flew more aircraft types than any other pilot in history), Flight Sergeant Brian Walley (Whitleys), Flight Lieutenant Johnny Bradley (I’m proud to say he was my father and he flew RAF Mosquitoes and Beaufighters), Staff Sergeant Arthur Shackleton (Army Air Corps gliders), Staff Sergeant Peter Clarke (medic and pilot of Army Air Corps gliders), and Brigadier General Dick Lord (Fleet Air Arm Phantoms and South African Air Force Mirages).


The Czech pilot is Brigadier General Miroslav Standerer (Czech Air Force, French Air Force and RAF flying Spitfires, Mosquitoes and Beaufighters).


The New Zealand pilot is Flight Lieutenant Les Munro who flew RAF Lancasters and was one of the famous Dam Busters (he is in the original film).


The South African pilots are Major Eric Johnson (SAAF Kittyhawks and Spitfires), Lieutenant Johnny Walker (SAAF Marauders), Brigadier General Dick Lord (Fleet Air Arm Phantoms and South African Air Force Mirages – the general thought of himself as both English and South African), and Colonel Gerie Radlof (SAAF Mirages).


The Soviet pilots are Major General Ivan Ivanovich Selifonov (Yaks) and Colonel Vasily Chubenko.


The German pilots are General Gunther Rall (BF 109s), Colonel Gunter Seeger (FW 190s), Theo Nau (Bf 109s), and Hein K. Gering (Junkers 88s and Luftwaffe jets).


And the Romanian pilot was General Ion Dobron (Bf 109s).

I enjoyed meeting or talking to every one of these amazing men. It was such a joy and privilege. I hope you enjoy reading about them and seeing them here.

Please note, my pilots were all men, but there were many women pilots during WWII, both in combat roles as well as transport, training and delivery. I tried to make contact with women pilots, but sadly I was spectacularly unsuccessful. I hope that as this project carries on over the years, I shall be blessed to meet and photograph some women combat pilots.

John Bradley

October 2020, Winchester, Hampshire, England.

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