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They look great on the wall in sets, for example, all the American pilots, or all the Soviet women partisans.

Pixels.com will produce the print or poster in three working days and despatch it from one of their 14 locations in North America, UK, Europe and Australia – whichever is closest to you.

BOOK: the hardbound photo book features everyone in the project up to the end of WWII and is available for £80, €90, $100 (including postage and packaging).

These are posted all over the world and are available for pre-order now with printing complete by mid November 2020 (before the Christmas rush).

Please email me if you want to buy the book and I’ll get back with a PayPal request-to-pay with the right amount in your currency.


By supporting my work you make it possible for me to keep photographing and recording the stories (in 4K) of pilots and partisans. And in a very real sense you become part of the project.

Very sadly, at the time of writing this, most WWII combatants have passed away. It has been such a privilege and pleasure to spend time with such remarkable heroes and become friends with them and learn their stories.

However, I look forward to meeting equally remarkable people who saw action in Korea, Vietnam, the African Bush Wars, Soviet Afghanistan, the Falklands / Malvinas and the more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All the best


John Bradley

October 2020

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