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My father was a British fighter pilot who saw action in WWII and later flew in civil aviation for many years. As a result, I grew up around pilots, many of whom had fought in WWII. As you can imagine, as a young boy, I sat wide-eyed listening to the tales of my dad and his friends as too much alcohol opened the floodgates and the stories came pouring out. And it is with this child-like fascination that I approached recording the stories of my WWII veterans and others.

When I left school I completed an economics degree, but later I trained to be a professional photographer – something I had always wanted to do.

I photographed some 40 people in ten countries who, in one way or another, fought in World War II. Including a number of pilots who are famous in aviation history. This work opened the door for me to meet and photograph women partisans, soldiers, aircrew and The Righteous Among Nations from the Second World War.

There is more to come as I shall continue to do this work as long as I can make a half-decent photo and get my subject to open up and tell me his or her story.

I really hope you like my work.

All the best


John Bradley

September 2020.

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